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Woodland Shelf Company

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We are now pleased to say that we are offering free delivery to the UK and Europe on orders taken until the end of July

We are having a summer sale on our Waney and Rustic square edge Windswept and Beech trees until the end of July 2021 - A 15% reduction from our stock prices - Just use July15 when you get in contact.

Welcome to the Woodland Shelf Company. We are a small family run business based in the Cotswolds; England that builds Oak shelves inspired by nature. All of our shelves are handmade in our small workshop besides the Cotswolds Lakes and lovingly sent around the Globe.

I was fortunate enough to serve a five-year apprenticeship under Dan Lee of BespOak Interiors, the original designer of all of the Tree and Branch shelf products found on our website. During that incredible period, I was involved with the creation of a large number of the many trees and branches that were sent around the world and are found in many people’s homes and workplaces today.

Each Tree and Branch is hand built from the most interesting Oak boards we can lay our hands on. We will always try to find the very best examples with Character, strength and charm. We then spend a great deal of time and love bringing all these traits to the forefront and in doing so, hopefully, creating the best tree shelves you can own. Some great examples can be found on our Project Gallery and if you need to get a better idea of our finishes and you can see our edge finishes here.

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Our Tree shelves...

We believe we offer the largest range of the most professionally made tree shelves available across the globe. Each design has been thoroughly worked, through multiple iterations, over nearly twelve thousand hours to create the best finished and most interesting designs available, and there are now multiple examples in homes across the world.

 All of our designs can be adapted to your particular wall space, longer, shorter, taller, slimmer…anything goes. We can even install LED lights to create a lovely snug and desirable space. Please have a look at our gallery for some great examples of trees we have installed.

We are also proud of our capability to design to your specification, we have made designs to fit pretty much any space, that is one of the gifts that we knew those thousands of hours would give us, flexibility, adaptability, specialty, and a confidence to give our customers what they require. 


Our Branch shelves...